"Testing In The Archipelago Network"

"Leadership and Testing" - 28:th to 30:th of August 2015

We are very happy to announce the first "Testing In The Archipelago Network" (TITAN), a peer conference which will be held from August 28 – August 30 in Karlskrona Sweden.

At the very first TITAN peer conference we will focus on Leadership and Testing. Some examples of subjects that could be covered is below:

  • What is leadership in software testing?
  • Why should we care about leadership at all?
  • Collaboration with other leaders.
  • What makes a good leader? Have you experienced good/bad leadership?
  • Test leadership in an agile world
  • What skills do I need for being a test leader, can I decide that I am a leader or is that something other people do?
  • As the role of the test manager is removed more frequently who shoulders leadership in testing?
  • Who provides leadership, what is the difference compared to management, and do we have to limit it to a single individual

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Premises: Clarion Hotel Karlskrona